Add powerful testimonials to sway readers via social proof

As they say, man is a social animal. Social emotions and validations make conversions a walk in the park for you —the chances of converting a visitor increase when you put good testimonials on your landing page.

Trust is a biggie in online business as fraudsters lurk around almost every corner. It is well established that nobody will want to do business with you unless they feel comfortable with the reputation of your business. 

As the mantra goes, individuals prefer to do business with those they know, like, and trust. And we're all aware that authentic testimonials can boost the trust-building process. 

Effective, authentic testimonials resonate with an audience, especially if they

  • Come from a customer who fits perfectly with the buyer persona of your audience so they can instantly identify with it.
  • Include a picture of the customer to prove that it's authentic. This may also increase the visual appeal of your page. 
  • Cater to the struggles of your ideal reader and overcome any objections that they have.
  • Come from an influencer in that specific niche. 

According to the survey results, people tend to trust customer reviews 12-times more than manufacturers' descriptions. 

All in all, building credibility via authentic testimonials on your landing page is likely to boost your conversion rate by a significant percentage.