Independent maintenance in the backend or intuitive front editing?

Open source solutions with all their plugins are often very comprehensive, so that a simple change can quickly become a mental exercise - especially if you only deal with the website every few months. With SaaS CMS offerings, changes are implemented very quickly and easily in a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) or in the frontend. In other words, you see directly how your changes will look.

Open-source software usually comes with a complex backend. Since no direct adaptation of the page is possible in the frontend, you have to resort to a multi-layered backend. This also applies to adding text, inserting images or correcting a simple error. If you are not yet very familiar with the system or rarely work on the site yourself, changes quickly become confusing. If you make a mistake in the open-source software, you will have to correct it yourself. Free support and fast external help are only available with additional maintenance contracts.

Independent maintenance in the backend takes a relatively long time. When choosing a SaaS solution – especially when using the Webflow offer – you save this effort, and your site editor carries out changes directly. This way, adjustments are already available in the final view, which lets you assess the changes from the customer's point of view. In this way, the intuitively operable frontend becomes a much simpler approach that saves time and costs and simplifies the design of your new content.