Individual Plug-ins or Modern Integrations?

Whether an open source plugin still works after several years depends on the (not guaranteed) maintenance and extension by the programmer. When choosing a SaaS solution, this is easier: With so-called integrations, you conveniently connect other services, such as Webflow enables.

One of the commonest problems on open-source sites is the high loading time. Due to numerous independently installed plug-ins, it takes many seconds for the page to be accessible to the user. This is because, with many open-source solutions, you  must install each new function separately. In some cases, individual plug-ins contain code material that leads to the restriction of already existing functions. The number of plug-ins, therefore, also reduces the speed of the page, which is inconvenient for the user.

To keep all your plug-ins up-to-date, you need regular manual updates. Whether a plug-in still works after several years depends on the maintenance and expansion by the programmer. Many plug-ins for open-source software come from private sources and depend on regular maintenance. If development is not continued after several years, crucial functions may be missing. Also, if there are no developments, for example, in data protection, the lack of maintenance can have costly consequences. As soon as your site no longer meets the latest DSGVO requirements, warnings are possible.

If you choose a SaaS solution, on the other hand, you can avoid manual updates and maintenance. With so-called integrations, you can conveniently connect other services, such as Webflow. The connection is usually made via individual services such as Zapier or IFTTT, which offer thousands of applications from a single source. 

By using fully-fledged integrations, the speed of your page is maintained without loading numerous individual plug-ins. The updating of functions is also fully automatic via the SaaS system, which gives you enough time to design your site. Even before the relaunch begins, you can discuss the selection of suitable integrations with your programmer.