Maintenance obligation or further development?

Als Anbieter Ihrer Website sind Sie rechtlich dazu verpflichtet, Funktionalität und Sicherheit zu gewährleisten. Im Gegensatz zu OpenSource-Lösungen wird dies direkt vom SaaS-Anbieter bereitgestellt und befindet sich ohne eigenständige Anpassungen auf dem neusten Stand.As the provider of your website, you are legally obligated to ensure functionality and security. Unlike OpenSource solutions, this is provided directly by the SaaS provider and is up to date without any independent adjustments.

As your website provider, you are legally obliged to guarantee functionality and security even when using open-source software. Since the security and functionality of the system can be hard to verify independently, laypersons often have difficulty finding their way around the site and cannot fulfil their obligation. To offer the required functions, additional support must be called upon for maintenance. This is already included in the offer in very few cases, which means additional costs for you. These costs do not provide you with new functions. They only serve to maintain functionality and security on your website.

You can save all of these costs with the help of a software-as-a-service system, provided directly by the SaaS provider and always up to date with no need for independent adjustments. Personal maintenance is not required as all settings are made in connection with the system. New applications and functions are added to the system to update your site.