What's the real reason visitors leave your website without converting?

If you know why your visitors leave without buying, you can fix that issue. Many software and tracking apps can make this possible for you to understand why visitors leave your website without buying.

On e-commerce platforms, many visitors scroll the website and add items to the cart but leave without purchasing. If you can fix the reason for this cart abandonment, you will boost your sales and visitor conversion rates.

First, you’ll need to install cart abandonment software designed to recover lost sales by sending automated personalized emails to your cart-abandoning visitors in the hope that they'll come back to buy. 

You should also track your visitors’ pointer movements. In combination, these metrics help you combat cart abandonment issues.

If you have a SaaS or any other service website, you can keep an eye on your visitors’ movements, their focus areas, clicks, and pages they revisit. This should enable you to detect the point that turned them off.

The possible reason could be any complex checkout procedure. Allow visitors to check out as a guest.  If you have a SaaS website, try to keep in touch with your customers via quick and easy means of communication like social media and email.

Build your connections with customers slowly. At first, focus on the first purchase. After the purchase, invite any signup or contact to stay in touch for future offers.

With an e-commerce store, any complex signup process can cause customers to abandon the cart. Add check out progress indicators so visitors can assess how many steps it will take. Try to make it four steps maximum. Add a detailed bill summary with thumbnails and the chosen variations of the product.