What exactly does "optimizing a landing page" mean?

Optimizing a landing page basically means making your landing page according to your target audience. You can do it by keeping the ideal buyer persona in mind. Also, AB testing is a great method to find out what methods work for your buyers.

To make the blurry vision a little clearer, let's start by explaining what landing page optimization refers to. It's a process that enhances every element of your landing page to increase conversions. Rather than redesigning the whole page solely on a hunch, you rely on the data and anecdotal evidence that's available. 

You're probably wondering what the best part of optimizing a landing page is and how it helps. Well, it would enable you to collect information before your landing page goes live. How? By surveying your audience to discover their likes and expectations. AB testing can be really helpful. 

Show half your visitors one version of your landing page and the other half a different version. Calculate the conversions you get from both and determine which one works best for your audience.

You may not be able to create the perfect landing page on day one, but if you make an effort and tweak it according to the analyzed data, you should get there soon enough.