What mistakes should you avoid when designing a website?

Avoid simply taking the cheapest offer - especially if the services you want are not clearly outlined.

As a matter of principle, and as already mentioned here: Never choose a provider for a project simply based on the total sum without comparing exactly what is included and, in particular, what is missing. So here are the biggest mistakes you should avoid when asking for quotes and choosing an internet agency or web designer:

  • Under no circumstances should you choose the cheapest provider. The likelihood is that the services offered are reduced to the absolute minimum of your request, poorly executed or even resold.
  • Do not choose a provider whose offer and service description does not specifically address your request and does not include your requirements and wishes.
  • If you compare two offers, only compare the services offered to the same extent in both offers.

Don't be dazzled! There are agencies with excellent salespeople where you only get to know your actual contacts or project staff – often interns or students – after you've already signed.