Where can you save money on web design?

Especially in the area of requirements and conception as well as in the creation and maintenance of content you can contribute yourself.

Creating a website is no small matter, whether for an individual or a medium-sized company. A good service provider will point out where you can take action yourself.

Not all internet agency services are purely technical. If you, as the client, have the corresponding manpower or time, you can either greatly reduce the following items through good preparatory work or, if necessary, even take them on completely yourself.

This way, you save valuable budget:

  • User-Experience Design (UX):
    Information about your target group and the goals and wishes of your users and potential customers – researched and collected by you – save budget and provide an excellent basis for a solid concept.
  • Concept:
    Here's where you can help to minimise the planning effort. A good service provider will take you by the hand in this process. But it's even better if you already have certain ideas about the website structure (a sitemap) and the individual sub-pages. At this point, even hand-drawn sketches are helpful.
  • Content:
    A good internet agency will offer help here or put you in touch with editors, photographers or illustrators. In this respect, it is, of course, advantageous if you've already done some preliminary work yourself. You can also write your own texts or take your own photos – ideally in close consultation with your internet agency or web designer – if you have the necessary know-how.

Content input into the CMS:
An introduction to the content management system of your new website is part of the process anyway. It's an advantage if you can gain experience while your website is still being created. Why not just enter the desired content yourself?