Additional investment for backups or automatically integrated backups anyway?

If you decide to relaunch using an open source software, you should create backups. However, by using a SaaS application, you create backups much easier: systems like Webflow work with fully automated backups that are generated automatically every time your site changes.

If you decide to relaunch with the help of open-source software, you'll have to create additional backups. Supplementary packages for implementing backups are usually available from hosts and third-party providers. However, depending on the size of the site, you will have to pay a surcharge for this, which will be billed based on existing hosting rates. 

To avoid these costs, you'll need to carry out independent storage, which can be problematic because open-source software backends vary. These potential differences make it difficult to create a complete copy of the page, which is why many operators opt for the paid subscription model.

By using a SaaS application, however, you create backups much more easily. Systems like Webflow work with fully automatic backups that are generated every time your site changes. This means that server failures do not become a danger. With an additional backup service, the website can be backed up at regular intervals.

Extra costs do not arise from the backup service within the SaaS solution. The costs for automatic backup are usually included in the price package. Thus, the available storage and the required bandwidth expand automatically as demand increases, which allows you to remain flexible with each expansion.