Did you double-check your return policy, payment process, and accessibility?

Visitors often check the return policy whenever they buy from a new brand. Make sure that it is flexible enough to win the trust of a random visitor. Keep an easy and multiple mode payment processing.

If your cart abandonment ratio is very high, you should consider revisiting and revising your return policy. With a flexible return policy, visitors will be less hesitant about buying from you for the first time.

If you have a SaaS website, you should offer a limited-time, money-back guarantee. Putting something like “7-day, money-back guarantee” will help you build your customer base.

Difficulties in the payment process can also hinder the checkout. Make sure you add multiple payment options so that visitors can pay according to their preferred method as far as possible. 

Allowing credit cards only will impact sales. A recent study found that the signing up rate increases when credit cards are not required. So don’t restrict visitors to credit cards.

Provide your visitors with some visual security when they’re paying with cards. Add secured-payment icons and other cybersecurity network connections to gain their trust.

Add an “IF function” to your meta description for those who’ve previously abandoned a cart on your website or left without buying anything. Provide some incentive for them. Whenever they search for related keywords, your website should show them an incentive to complete the checkout process.